So I gotta blog… now what?!


HELP! I have never had a blog before because to be honest its part laziness and also part anxiety ..…who cares what she thinks on that?! SO I have to come to the conclusion (in my mind) that there is a HUGE public demand for my ramblings and  I finally gave into what the people want!

REALITY CHECK: This is completely self indulgent and to be honest I am really happy if anyone is reading this.

If you are anything like me your thoughts go like this:


OR at around 1.30pm for me (Ive been up since 4.20am) this:


But notice when you write them down and reflect on what you have just done they seem like this:


Yes that’s better! As someone who has made a living out of blurting my opinions out on air it will be nice to have a reflection space on the things I have been rambling about and pretty cool if people want to read share and offer their opinions on things.

OK feeling a little bit better on starting my blog now….. EXCUSE me as I go refresh this post to see if anyone out there cares ! (I mean its just for me as an outlet…*cough*)


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