HELP! Im addicted to Pinterest


That graphic pretty much PIN- points  (see what I did there …..Oh gawd its bad) the moment it started. At first I coyly looked a picture of a sunset that’s alright….I guess…..


  If we were in Jerry Maguire my line would go something like this…. You had me at the bulldog in Deer Antlers


OR was it the baby gorilla with the stethoscope?


Either way I liked what I saw and by that stage I wanted to put a pin on it!

I feel like I’m finally living the life I have always wanted to in the way I have always wanted to …by not lifting a finger.

I am now stylish:


Off to a lunch date

I now holiday in exotic places:


I LOVE entertaining here

I am CONSTANTLY redecorating:

That’s okay but I can do better


Much better!

AND did I mention I am an amazing cook?


Completely fat free of course!

So why would anybody want to live in reality its so… REAL. I knew I had a problem when I spent the DAY redecorating my office (which is about to be demolished for renos) to make it more Pinteresting (stop it!)

I spent way too much time trying to recreate this:


Nailed it:



Hey! At least I tried just like these people:




They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem ….. I do have a MAJOR problem what should I call my next folder?

Now excuse me if you need me you can find me here:


You can view my dreams here:

And my reality here:


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