If you love something…….



We are all guilty of this !

Whether  its in the form of your child, pet, craft projects or dinners you don’t truly love something until you share it and in most cases force it on others!

Why is this?

It is an age old tradition,

Before the internet we used to carry around our pictures to share with others and now we just post them!

I recently experienced this on a national level when a picture of my beloved puppy Jordy was posted in Sunday Style Magazine for all of Australia to see – not for any achievement (other than being ADORBS!)

But still I couldn’t have been prouder!

As I looked at her I had visions of her becoming Alf Stewart’s new dog on Home and Away and doing the occasional commercial (but only organic doggy treats…just like Miranda)

She would be recognized down the street and be sent custom collars from all the designers vying to get her to wear theirs.

FINALLY people are realizing and loving her just as much as me!

REALITY CHECK:  It was a moments glance for most and not much more than a fleeting thought of cute dog no more no less.

So why is that when we love something we need make a post about it to justify it?

Oh is this the part I answer my question?

Cause I ain’t got the answer but what I do have is plenty of puppy pictures.

BUT if you were threatening to give Jordy an ugly haircut I guess I would be forced to say when you love something you wanna shout it from the rooftops or in my case plaster it on every news stand in Australia,

Keep this in mind next time someone is spamming your feed with food pictures be happy for them that they are enjoying a great meal, or if they post a picture of their kids sitting on a hammock for the first time (this is an actual example) be happy for the fact they are finding joy in each moment.



(But before you do think about what your posting about the most, I think you will find we are all guilty of over sharing  our pleasures in life!)

NB (Just one more puppy picture I promise please keep following me!)



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