That moment in life when

d020440b2501f95526df5240592bb346When you discover you actually LOVE Chicken wings!

Over the weekend I went to a Mexican restaurant with friends one of the guys ordered 30 wings for the table.

THIRTY! I exclaimed that seems ALOT for us five
DISCLAIMER: It wasn’t!

My only experience with Chicken Wings were the Coles bought ones NOT what I experienced on Friday.

I always thought of myself as a breast girl ….. ummm wait?!


I was coaxed into trying ONE


I was lord of the wings……… I was totally winging!

Thomas competes at the Buffalo Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo

I was beyond the point of no return when I was dripping in sauce with bones stripped bare all around me wide eyed looking for more I even dipped the empty bones in the ranch and broke out in a sweat.

Its gotta be healthier than crack right?!

For my birthday you can just get me these:


*Without the cupcake part

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