Dear Shopgirl


When I walked into your ridiculously expensive shop at 4 in the afternoon,

Due to my early work hours I had been up since 4.20am you do the maths!

So when you looked me up and down your eyes went from my messy greasy hair to my poor out fit choice made in the dark in the early hours

Then to your phone as you tried to avoid wasting your time on pleasantries with someone who clearly wouldnt spend $80 on a top

You are right normally I dont BUT I did

When I asked you for help with sizing you suggested there is no way I would fit into my normal size and should definately go up a size as you looked at my mid section evidence

In my mind I cut to this:

Look you were right, and smugly so I went up a size but can you meet me half way and come down a notch

off your high horse!


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