I jumped on your bandwagon late but as they say

better late than never!

From the moment that wind machine caught her hair as she sashayed across the stage singing for her life and her country

I was hooked.

Why don’t us Aussies get it?!


Okay fine I get it, it can be a little strange and a little foreign.


Once you get past that there is an amazing experience waiting for you.



Its really towards the top 10 that the fun really happens, by then you have had a lot to drink and think you can now understand many other languages.


Hey you certainly haven’t been there and have no idea where it is but all of a sudden you feel asdjapdfstan’s song was much stronger than Norway’s flashy smoke and mirror screened tune and when you seen their tiny cobble stoned village you want the worlds spotlight shone on it at next years event.


He came from nothing, had to fight a bull to cross a paddock to make it to auditions and you wouldn’t believe it his pet kitten Mittens went missing a week before the competition and now he is singing for his life, Mittens and his country and the way he throws his head back in passion and clenches his fist in agony as he sings is pure raw determination.


With enough tulle to suffocate a small continent and sequins to out shine the sun there is something to appeal to all tastes, you like warlocks chances are there will be one, into hi-vis oh there it goes!

You won’t see it in Woman’s Day on a former Block contestant because chances are its a tailor made one of a kind and costs more than their whole production

but totes worth it!


I couldn’t think of anyone else Id rather share this experience with! Her wealth of knowledge on Eurovision and excitement is contagious and then she starts speaking in French!  ( incroyable)


Ever seen a geek win the lotto then tell the story to a playboy bunny whist on the way to cash his check?

Multiply that by 1 million and then you will feel half of the collective excitement of the winning country its so fun to watch!


wanna come to my Eurovision party?


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