Karma is now offering an express lane


This week we all rejoiced when a  florida man

had his karma dish arrive instantly

In an age where we have all the solutions and answers at our finger tips it’s no wonder we get impatient when we do actually have to wait for things to happen

Its not our fault and im not proud of it


It’s the age that we live in

So yesterday when I had a bloke cut me off and abuse me while he hung out the window

I noticed the light turn red he didnt

He ran up  the back of a car

he was okay


The big bloke got out of the passenger side and absued him

Luckily for me this all played out on the main street  with plently of on lookers

Who like me enjoyed the show mother karma had provided for us

isnt the saying

revenge is so much sweeter when served quickly?!


is it

pick on someone your own size?

Either way mother karma was trying to deliver her message quickly lets just hope she was heard.

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