Looking good online

picErrrybody knows that feeling when you attend a party over the weekend had a little too much to drink and posed for way too many pictures

Fast forward to Monday morning and all that was just a blur


You get four notifications AT ONCE!

Oh gawd this can only mean one thing!

That moment at around 12.42 on Saturday night when you were chanelling this:


It somehow came out like this:


and now its for public consumption!

Why is in between that moment of seeing that horrible photo and trying frantically to untag that your internet ALWAYS crashes!

Ill tell you why just because you never learn your lesson!

In between that time about 5 people have chimed in and liked it

oh stop that will you!

Whats to like about my half opened eye, my sticky outty lips curled up so much I look like they are getting sucked up my nostrils and that wine stain down my front





Crisis averted!

Now lets try that again with better lighting, a few filters the right camera angle and more make up.

Oh and I wont forget to take it in bed and mess up my hair a little because:





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