The secret life of…


On Friday I made the rash decision that I wanted to cut all my hair off

Three and a half HOURS later

I was a new woman!


Its what happened in those three and a half hours that fascinate me.

I watched Anna transform my dull, stringy, lackluster hair into a bouncy shiny main

I watched her carefully in the mirror


How awkward is it being in front of your own reflection for that long!


First she wet my hair then that’s when the magic show began…

She should’ve had the cape on not me!

All those swift movements around my head cutting here, chopping there had me worried

To the untrained eye it seemed to have no formula

And then


I had an awesome symmetrical bob!

Seriously how did you do that!

Then came the colour

After I pointed out exactly what I wanted

She started speaking in (magic) code with her assistant (who should’ve had a bedazzled number on) as she appeared with the magic formula.

Everybody knows a good magician never reveals their tricks

But as Anna was taming my wild tresses with a big round brush, and a hairdryer I said to her

How are you doing that!

Its easy EVERYBODY can do it she said with her thick polish accent


We cant all do that I literally have all the tools you have used today, shampoo, scissors, foil, a brush, hairdryer and a straightener

And I have never come close to recreating what happens in the salon

I think I have a better chance of pulling a rabbit out of a my sunhat

And the next day the magic wore off as I woke up to this:





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