Where for art thou…..flat belly!



I am currently stuck in a game of hide and seek



My healthy self to be exact!

I have tried many things to find her

Including buying things she likes

The Michelle Bridges Cookbook

That did stir her curiosity

Not quite enough though


then I moved on to the next plan

A new pair of joggers and some new threads

maybe she was just too ashamed to be seen in that oversized tee

It was enough for her to rear her head for a while but only long enough to check out her reflection

then bang off she went

Oh I know one place she cant resist


I presented her with a three month membership

I must’ve got that one wrong because it hasn’t been used once

must have something to do with the parking and cold weather and oh the long work hours she possibly does!

*Just a guess

I even tried to guilt her out of her hidey hole

Oh come out now I neeeed yoooou!

These arms aren’t going to tone themselves!

After all my efforts shes still wont show herself

They say good things come to those who wait so at this point what else can I do?!

Ill be here if you need me:




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