Yesterday I attended a women’s conference and the theme was Inspired,

And to be honest the conference did just what it promised I left feeling Inspired,

We sat and heard amazing stories from women who had  battled cancer, disability, sexism and achieved impressive things.


We have all walked into someones home and seen the mug with the cat ‘hang in there’ (or maybe that was Marge’s basement)


The words


(so glad they put those around I always breathe a sigh of relief ‘oh they dream here or they love here or they have a family’)

*words in brackets maybe sarcasm.

Given the fact that the Inspiration business is a multimillion dollar one

(NB may not be the actual figure)

I have realized that I am constantly surrounded by “inspiration’

I’m a sucker for it all you gotta do is scroll though my Insta-spam feed to see I lap it all up:





Please note the comment on the second quote:

bad_wolf12954Sweet! I choose to be rich. When can I expect my money? 😛

@bad_wolf12954 I have no idea who you are but you kinda have a point!

And now let me make mine after months of posting  inspirational quotes on my lounge whilst covered in Dorito dust

about making the most outta life blah blah blah I have concluded there are two types of people in this world:

Those who are inspired and get out there and get it done


Those who sit in a beautiful park surrounded by nature looking at their Iphone and post this:


now please excuse as I go upload that


with that font and that pretty background how could I not!




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