They say moving is the third most stressful life event next to divorce and death*

*actual fact

As someone who has moved ALOT in the past couple of years I can attest to that!

You would think by now I would have it down to a fine art


Instead I choose to always leave it to the last minute rushing around frantically in circles

then realizing I am in fact still wasting time and am no closer to getting it together

(hey its hard to do anything when you’re dizzy!)


I will say this though everytime my levels of procrastination reach new heights.

Nothing like the looming homelessness to kick your butt into gear



Shiny thingy I forgot I had!

OH and the fact that there is SO much to do that I am so tired from thinking about it SO there really is only one thing I can do


Put this on repeat everyday until the night before and you have yourself my personalized moving checklist


It may sound like its off to a slow start but its at the last minute when its my time to shine!

I discovered this uncanny superpower in university where I can last a whole night without one wink of sleep to get a task done

(must be all the sleep I’m getting in the lead up to the event)

hmmm maybe I am a better forward planner than I think.

Now excuse me I have alot of sleep to do and not much time left to do it!


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