Trends for me are like that bad boyfriend you keep inviting around

You know its going nowhere and doesn’t fit in with what you need


You find yourself in denial once again

In the 90’s I had the tattoo choker, face glitter and lucky for my pre pubescent body the crop tops

So you would think that I would be delighted to see history repeat itself

If only mum hadn’t of made that trip to Vinnies.

Last week after a Pinterest session I bit the bullet

And went downtown to the ‘trendy’ boutique store


tried on a crop top.

Please note the full stop

(I don’t wanna talk about it)


When it comes to trends I should get an A Plus for effort

Not so much on the execution

or the timing.

Lets just say that when I asked the 19 year old apprentice for the Rachel last week

She had no idea what I was on about.

I assured her its about to be the next big thing.

I think I finally have a handle on what it means to be trendy:

Be so ahead of the time that you are in going back in time?


Me to!

I think ill just wait here in my double denim and wait for people to catch up.





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