My chat with Elmo!

elmo106_v-contentgrossA  couple of years ago I discovered an uncanny talent that I could speak like Elmo!

The only problem is that no one seemed to believe me even after I showed them and then paused for effect,

Which usually then involved the crickets in the background turning it up a notch

What would they know?!


I took it to the only guy who would see my talent for what it is!

I had pictured this moment, when Elmo would say Kevin Clash is that you?

No Elmo I would reply in a voice echoing his own

Lets just say I crumbled under the pressure and I swear I can do better next time!

Hey did I mention I do a killer Grover?

Oh and we also got to chat about other things such as a new addition to his click Lady Baa Baa and what he wants to be when he is older!

You can listen here if ya like:



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