Learning to go with the flow


Oh Hey Aunty Flo I predicted your visit

Thanks for phoning ahead with your irritability emotional unstableness and general scowl

Like clockwork you never fail to deliver

In fact you are so reliable that now even my partner can tell when you are about to arrive,

When I am wailing at him that he doesn’t understand that

its not about the last red skittle that I said he could have,

its about the fact I wanted him to want me to have it!


He grits his teeth and prays for your arrival

Because he knows that things will get a little worse but they will also ease up.

I am currently penciling in a visit as we speak (TMI)

Not because I have a calendar in front of me


because I just legit formed an emotional attachment to an animal on an adoption website

How it would usually go:

*Scrolls through Facebook feed see abandoned dog for adoption

“Oh  I hope little buddy finds a good home soon”

At this point in my life it goes:


Who would dump a poor defenseless animal like that I have to rescue all the puppies right now!

I have tried to deny that your visits have any effect on me at all

In fact so have some studies



We have come too far for that, cried over too many missing items of clothing

(because lets be honest at that time you absolutely cant go if you don’t have your black belt and its ruined your whole day and something you have been looking forward to for months!)


even shamefully got way too heated with a telemarketer who wouldn’t get off the phone when you politely declined their offer.

So I think its time I stop fighting it and denying it and learn to go with the emotional flow.



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