Lisa from The Bachelor


I will admit it I am hook lined and sinkered into the beautiful candlelit world that is The Bachelor

can you tell from my use of cliches?

Before you judge me get yourself a #dirtystreetpie sit back and watch just one episode

and I dare you not comment on Amber’s cattiness


laugh at Laurina’s skydiving face

(that girl doesn’t need a parachute she just needs ta open her mouth)

Sorry bach jk if you watch it you will get it


You are totes missing out


maybe my jokes arn’t funny


I have been catching up with the ladies for a debrief each week

My chat with final four contender Lisa got Juicy when she revealed why her mum said she doesn’t like  Blake and a secret shes been sitting on:

Ave a listen here go on you know you wanna:


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