Signs you are more than ready for Sex and the City 3


You are reading this from your local cinema because you predicted this day would come and you didn’t want to miss out on being front and centre.


You ceased all communication with that so called friend who suggested another film wasn’t needed. (It’s for the best)


Even though you updated your phone you haven’t updated the ringtone since your 3310.

dant dant darrrr dant dant darr darr……

If the movie needs to be crowd funded you already have the paperwork in order to re-mortgage your unit

You suffered through The Carrie Diaries ……. (even the book)


Screw Bali this is your happy place:

You are dying to see Samantha’s Tinder profile

(even you be swiping right)


You have already started a Pinterest board for your pre screening party ideas


You have unsubscribed to any news source that even suggests it wont happen


You reacted to this twitter exchange with more excitement then when your best friend announced her engagement


You know Big and Carrie don’t do happily ever after and you have been in therapy preparing yourself for the emotional roller coaster ahead


This is your handy work:

Sex and the City 3


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