bossypants-tina-feyWhen I first started reading this book I was a bit worried, a rash was forming on my chest but then I realized it was just beetroot juice from the salad I was eating while lying down reading the second worrying thing was that I had so been looking forward to hear Tina Fey of SNL and 30 Rock Fame share her inspirational story of being so successful in her fields.


 When I began reading, at first loved her witty jokes and obscene antidotes thrown in for LOL’s but when I read or should I say started to read Ellen Degeneres book Seriously….Im Kidding I was thinking okay funny gal I get it you tell jokes but be serious for one sec and tell me what Portia’s really like!

SO I gave up on Ellen but I something kept me going with fey fey as only I affectionately call her

(we had come too far we were sharing nicknames now)

And what I found was just the right mixture of funny and factual one strong theme through out the book that I loved was she had a great way of sharing what she had learnt from her life experiences of  having a shitty job, being female in a male dominated industry, being ambitious, being and mum and working alot all without sounding high and mighty.

*Gweneth Paltrow take note

Oh and thinking of going on a cruise anytime soon you may wanna read this first

think of it as also an unofficial holiday guide


If you are looking for a good easy summer read jump on this one because


yep shes in the book and we all know anything to do with Oprah and books are literature gold.



Three out of five Troll Dolls.

 (because the more Trolls Dolls you had as a kid the better)

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