The art of a good #selfie

A selfie to your 92 year old G-mar probs sounds like a beloved television character on the ABC, but to everyone else under the age of 92 its something you (depending on the natural lighting at your house and how on yourself you are), is something you par take in regularly.

So the internet is full of them and songs have been dedicated to them

In fact they are now even more popular than the Eiffel tower, The London eye and The Pyramids.

People are deciding that their faces at these places are more Kodak worthy than the actual landmark

Kim Kardashian has even released a book of Selfies

Powered by  90% ego and 10% to fund her on staff jelly maker (I’m sure she has one)

As someone who I would say puts in about 30% towards my appearance on a day to day basis loves to document a 90% effort!

Totes for egotistical purposes it helps you feel better about last Thursday when you were compared to a sack of potatoes

Add a few filters and 86 photos later,


look at you of course you immediately upload it with a modest caption like:

Happy Thursday peeps

#fishingforcompliments #tellmehowprettyilook

Of course you don’t need to add those hashtags because its totes obvious what you are up to!

your friends know how to play this game and there it is, the compliment you spent all morning preparing yourself for:

Natural beauty

Then you write something back like:

Oh thanks so are you just getting ready for work

Lets just say ‘natural’ doesn’t come into play but you will take it!

Just a word of advice when the selfie stars align

and you think your face is looking okay:


Check the background.

PS Add black and white for more meaning.


(don’t skip that eyebrow appointment again!)


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