Still not quite ready for bouquet

Becky Joiner My Fabulous Life

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being Made of Honour for the second time in two years.

The wedding was amazing, but I knew that awkward moment was coming.

(there were a few the best man was my ex)


the one I was dreading is the catching of the bouquet


I was physically scared for my safety,

ever seen what happens when you throw a piece of meat into a lions den?


even though I’m happily in a long term relationship

I’m not too keen to wack on a white dress and make our relationship more legit

(although you seem to get judged a whole lot less on public make outs if you have a ring on it,

but it only seems to last for a couple of secs after I do)


The moment was drawing near perfect I thought no one seems that intent like last time to get me involved


The MC heckled me up there

And to any female who has faked excitement lets just say we have a tendency to overcompensate

(if you know what I mean)


I didn’t have a When Harry Met Sally moment over a bunch of flowers

quite the opposite

My year 11 drama teacher would’ve been so disappointed

I couldn’t even conjure up a smile

So I awkwardly stood there looking around a the girls who looked like they were poised to start an Olympic sprint

And as that thing flew through the air …..

I wont tell you what happened I will show you:


Oops missed it!


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