This book is written by Patrick Swayze’s widow Lisa Niemi and documents his journey through pancreatic cancer.

This book is obliviously old and we all know it wasn’t a happily ever after ending


Why did I check this book out at the library?

Yes I do library books and yes I do have a book bag



to why,

its like when its raining and you wanna watch a sad movie

You wanna get the feels on

and this book does that!

Above all the medical speak

Its an amazing love story

and at the end there are a few tears but it makes you

look at your loved thing

(partner, blankey or pet anaconda)

With a new appreciation

it puts things in perspective

Lets just say that when the boyfriend forgot to put out the bins and we had an overflowing bin for the next week

I let it go!

I suggest you slip this book to your partner especially during an argument.


Two and a half Troll Dolls outta five

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