Social Meeee- me- me-dia


A while ago I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in ages,

Before I could answer how I was going they answered for me

At first I thought this great for my word economy

then I was a little peeved

They said how great my life looked and this was all according to Facebook and Instagram.

She said  how it looked like my life was jam packed with excitement.


 It was a little alarming, I thought I had been hacked by a globe trotting reality starlet

In the life I lived it has been a long time since an exotic overseas holiday and sometimes I get a little too excited choosing wine to go with dinner

With this in mind I scrolled through my feeds

Yep there it was evidence of a Insta-glammer

(A term coined just now by me, look out Beyonce)

I am two filters away from not even recognising myself.

It seems that I am displaying a highly edited version of my life

Arn’t we all?

So in the spirit of honesty I have decided to share the little things that don’t quite make the cut:









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