Why you need to stop what you are doing and listen to Diane Von Furstenberg NOW.


I had definately heard of her name but it wasnt until recently that I started watching a new reality show

House of DVF

that I started to really grasp her amazingness.

She is frank, hardworking and the reality check our generation need,

and I cant get enough of her serving it up in snippits like this:


Yeah, Kier!

She is the fashion worlds Oprah.

And  just like with Oprah when she speaks you shut up take notes and listen and here is why:

 Strong lady blood literally flows through her veins,

just 18 months before she was born her mother survived

Auschwitz and after this ordeal she told Diane: “Fear is not an option”


She not only at all ages looks better than you but chances are she is also smarter than you,

 after studying economics at the University of Geneva


As Drake would say she started from the bottom,

starting in fashion as a photographers assistant


 In the 70’s for most women when they become engaged they had reached their ultimate goal

not Diane this is what inspired her to go out and seek hers:


This is an actual moment from her life:


That alone is worth shouting her a cocktail and lapping up every antidote she shares.

Instead of creating avante garde pretentious designs she brings to the world the wrap dress, because unlike alot of designers she realises clothes are for wearing and making you feel amazing,

we are forever grateful


Oh and BTW thats

Her Serene Highness Princess Diane of Fürstenberg,

to you thanks, even though she divorced the prince that title is well suited and more than deserved


This is her chugging beer I cant even #effortless


 This is what age 67 looks like to Diane


I hope you were taking notes because this is just the surface do yourself a favour do some more googling past this post, buy her books, pin her quotes and for godsake if you EVER run into her in your life just shut up and listen.

 Oh and dont forget to Curtsey she is after all a princess.


(Oh and you really need to start watching the show)


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