New Years Resolutions



This is my year!

The year I get skinny, get a savings account throw gatherings that are pinterest worthy,

become very successful, make trendy friends who post trendy pictures highlighing my newly protuding cheekbones

the year my house transforms into my ‘sanctuary’ that always smells like rosewood and marshmellows

the year I get into yoga and become peoples ‘fitspo’

the year I become one of those people who say I cant stand fast food and only eat organic and actually mean it

the year I quit whatever is proven to be harmful to my health, the year I  invest in my wardrobe with only key wearable pieces worth a small countries economy

The year I subscribe to Goop and swear by it

The year I post inspirational sunset pictures with captions like “live in the now”

The year I wear a bikini on a tropical beach and write another day in the office of life

The year I Grow my hair just long enough so it grows that amazing natural kink and get it silky enough so that when I post pictures online it sits partly over my eyeline so when I tilt my chin up enough I achive the fashion blogger look

The year people stop me in the street and ask me where I got that top from and I reply with some trendy boutique name and then reply its in ‘insert exotic location’ as they slink away

The year I find crouch drop pants that dont look like a nappy on me and pair them with some trendy top that is recieved online with comments like “flawless’

The year I basically become Beyonce




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