How I look human after I hit snooze …in 10 MINUTES!


 I used to wake up and spend and hour and half frolicking around the house, changing outfits and applying make up all before getting my green smoothie off the juicer as my shiny ponytail swung side to side as I bounced out the door to work.

*part in italics may or may not be true

Fast forward to 2015 and I aint having it! As my job as a breakfast radio host requires me to be in the office at a cray cray hour topped with the fact I value my sleep I have had to, over time fine tune my pre work prep and down to…..



due to the fact I dont like to break the bank I like to hit up Australis for some fuss free help.

So girls if you like to sing Kareoke, do yoga, make pancakes with bear faces or practice your fake smile in the mirror  for when your friend ditches you again for her new boyfriend

And would like some more time devoted to these activities then listen up.

So ma day usually starts at 3.50AM


LOL jks I hit snooze


then panic

(hence 10 minutes)


I slink over to my wardrobe staring blankly at a closet full of clothes deciding I have nothing to wear


And Ill be honest today is a day I have to do to a meeting with people who have ample amounts of time to get ready and look good so I can’t phone it in,  usually one would get up early to prep not this sleeping questionable beauty.

So here goes 10 MINUTES to look more than okay at a not okay hour

(FYI with the staring and yawning its 20 past and I gotta have a shower and leave at 4.45AM)

 After a 2 min shower (a quick lather of body wash)

I have the big kahuna (hair wash, shave and life pondering) in the afternoons.

And after a drip dry

jks aint nobody got time fo dat

I use this baby


Australis Correcting cream now usually thats my face when I get corrected BUT this one is okay with me.

NB I decided that in hindsight for lady Gaga circa Poker Face days this jacket is acceptable maybe not a casual tuesday.


As a chick who by 11Am looks like a sack of potatoes I read this life hack on the internet to avoid the drab tired look

(dab consealer on your upper cheekbones apparently it deflects light from your eye bags)

(Also I read to do a downwards facing triangle under the eyes with your concealer rather than a line to again create some more smoke and mirrors)

Oh and as evident in said below picture opening your eyes when tired real wide doesnt make you look more awake just a bit crazy so keep that in mind.


This part is much easier just slap it on and blend why cant that patch of amazing tone be permanent!

Oh thats right cause im not Miranda Kerr


So taking out the selfie time and trying to look awake thats about 3 mins of work there.


Oooh would ya look at that coverage FOX News would be jealous!

The next part is super breezy a couple of licks of mascara and in my case a quick brow brush and pencil in

We interrupt this blog for a time saver tip:

 Make sure you get an eyebrow pencil with a brush on the other end to save you time on fishing through the overloaded make up case and getting blue eyeshadow all over your hands

Right now  depending on your carefactor you can add a few brushes of bronzer for a little more colour but stick to your skin tone dont go all lindsay lohan on yourself and again saving time instead of getting out your blush you can just give your cheekbones a few extra brush strokes.

So clocking in now at 7 minutes factoring in the 2 mins to throw your hair into a topknot because again aint nobody got time fo soft curls.


With 1 minute to spare time for the finishing coat!

I call this shade look at my big bright lips Im totes awake nothing to see here

 Australis call it Jitterbug I did but forward my suggestion but due to spacing issues they kindly declined.

And after patting my dog and finding my shoes and getting distracted briefly by my pretty dreamcater I bought I am out the door at 4.45AM!

But what about Wednesdays when you wear pink?

You are so right!

Imaginary very relevant question to what I am getting at!

Due to me being a redhead and Lindsay Lohan can attest to this , the only way we pull it off is with the right shade of lippy.

 Head to toe pink just aint for the ginger haired race.

Cue this baby:



again due to spacing they knocked back a suitable low key pink right for redheads.


Notice a little glow happening?

I wish I could say thats just me and #makeupfreeselfie but ill let you in on a little secret:


I got highlights!

Not the ones that you get during the summer, but this little tube baby that I am airkissing it.

 It isnt always apart of my routine but on special occasions like Pink wearing Wednesdays I like to treat myself to a little glow and then when the girls in the office say I look a little different today have a done something different I smugly say no just me.


And sometimes if I really wanna treat myself I come up with a plan….


Here is a little insight to my personality I am the kinda person that when I get a cup at Subway I like to live dangerously and mix my lemonade with my Fanta

So why not do that with my lippies!



SIDENOTE: This is how I look applying my lipstick for this blog post,

THIS is how I look applying my lipstick fo reals



Still on the treat yo self bandwagon you may have noticed my lord of the rings style nails

 Going back to the general theme of this post when I am rushing around and notice them instead of getting an appointment cause again aint nobody got time fo dat

I like to go bright to deflect from my poor mani


Again I like to mix it up especially when it comes to colour!

So there you go hope I that was helpful some tips from a timepoor and just plain poor girl which is why you will be pleased to know if you hit the links it will take you to the amazeballs products and I think you will find you will be pleasantly  surprised with the price.

I hope you read thst last part picturing me raising my eyebrows as I said it.

Oh and heads up to the gems at Australis for providing the products for this post.

One last tip if you dont have to go to work you can use the ten minute tips to sneak off to your new crushes bathroom

and the sneak back into bed before he will even notice




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