Celebrity Insider Beau Lamarre



 I first seen Beau Lamarre on Mornings on channel 9. I was pretty amazed by his story, here was this teenager from Cronulla rubbing shoulders with the worlds biggest stars.


 So I tracked down Beau in LOS ANGELES for a chat where he was for THE GOLDEN GLOBES


Keep in mind this kid is 19!

(to put that in perspective I was still working at Mcdonalds at that age with two thick bleached stripes at the front of my hair.)

So he came on my radio show to share just how he went from the Shire to shiny town.


Oh and he also throws in some candid amazing stories about how Lady Gaga announced his coming out to his parents at her concert, and outted a celebrity for being not the nicest, basically celebrity stories that will make your jaw drop.

Much like the Serial podcast when you finish you will sit there for a while going I still dont know how that happened!

So first up he gets into what exactly is he does …….

You can follow his amazing celeb encounters on Insta @beaulamarre


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