On my high horse #Tay4Hottest100


As soon as buzzfeed announced its campaign to get a Taylor Swift song in Australia’s coolest countdown the Hottest 100

I grabbed my popcorn kale chips and cancelled my plans to watch the hipster outrage.


Mr Man Bun I am equally outraged!

How dare they impose on our sacred exclusive music club

Haven’t our obvious eyerolls and online sass been enough to get the point across?

I mean who even is Taylor Swift?!

I only listen to electrofunkrockpunk music

And I dont own a Television and only listen to one music station

So excuse me for not understanding what they are talking about.

As an organic loving vegan I really am passionate about pressing world issues, so are my friends so we have really taken on this cause spending hours at our Bondi local discussing our outrage hitting up every forum we can and if it comes to it we will do a boycott

 These people have missed the point of what the countdown stands for,

 Its all about supporting the most obscure artist  and listening to Triple J religiously for weeks before,

because you dont wanna be that guy that hasn’t heard of “the can openers’

Can you imagine on Australia Day (which we also boycott) Taylor Swift blasting through our retro dukebox from vinnies what a way to ruin our listening and discussion party.

If you want to dance and sing along stupidly go clubbing on the gold coast!

So Taylor Swift (is that right?) just like Kanye imma talk over the top of you and tell people what they should like because they are clearly confused about what ‘good‘ music is.

But I guess its like this quote I heard somewhere:

Haters gunna hate hate hate.

I guess all we can do at this point is shake it off.

(Oh thats good I am so putting a blue filter over that and putting it on tumblr)


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