Im a Celebrity (question mark) Get me outta here.



Well played Channel 10, you kept us all on our toes with little hints like this:


So naturally the Nancy Drew in me was scanning big name celebs Social media accounts and calling up immigration to see who has applied for visas (they were not very forthcoming) then calling Tom Waterhouse with my findings.

Given the amount of promotion and hype my mind went crazy,

World famous Actress household name for 30 years:

Meryl Streep I knew it!


Marcia Brady close enough (kinda)

In Australia we are not known like America for our celebrities but we do manage to get enough to fill a tent at Derby Day so where the heck was Shane Warne, Warrick Capper, Brynne Edelsten, Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk, Pauline Hanson, Barry Humphries, Hamish Blake and Pete Evans?

Before you come at me with comments like network clashes, and legitimate excuses as to why  Channel 10 failed to come up with a list of people who, unlike the ones they got make the guest list at The Ivy,

Let me put it this way its like your parents telling you that you are going to a theme park and ending up at Timbertown

I was so looking forward to Australia’s who’s who,

not the who is…who?

As someone who would watch The Real Housewives of Dubbo

(oooh great concept)

Im certainly not a reality snob from Carrot Top doing a piece to camera about his latest comedy tour to Ambers latest meltdown on Teen Mom

I will watch anything!


Its not about the D list status I’m annoyed at its their B (boring) grade personalities I am more unimpressed about

So here’s hoping that the Naked Traveller dude hooks up with Maureen,

The Hi 5 chick spills juicy details of what happens on tour

Laura Dundovic gets into it with Leisel Jones about who is more relevant

and Merv Hughes chases Andrew Daddo with the poo stick.

Until than thank god we have Chrissy Swan, Maureens meltdowns and Joel creaseys commentary to keep us tuned in.


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