Last week in honour of the boyfy turning 30 we set sail on a P &O cruise, we lashed out on a four day cruise to Morton Island  yes its an island but dont let that word fool you, much to my surprise it wasnt a big sand mound with one palm tree and a coconut on it, you could see Brisbane from its shores.

It was my first time cruising and I had no idea what to expect so for those who are thinking about it I have compliled a pros and cons list so if you are thinking of putting down a deposit here are somethings to hull (boat jk) over.

* Ever been down to your local RSL on pension day? Well look around because those people have probably just put down a deposit on a cruise and you will be stuck at sea with them with the bad carpet and pokies included just to make them feel at home (CON)

* Imagine going to a resturant and ordering every side including the ones you have always wanted to try but didnt want to risk the 7 bucks on and stuffing yourself full then when it comes time to leave you smile and wink at the waiter and he nods at you as if to say payment accepted and you are on your way. (PRO)

*Getting given a magical card at the start of the trip that allows you access to as many bingo games as you want and Long Island Iced Teas (PRO) then getting the bill at the end (CON)

*Getting on the boat to this: (PRO)


*Setting sail to this: (CON)


*Spending the first night wide awake with your life jacket at the ready as the ship rocks side to side and even though you are in the Pacific in Autumn you are in brace position ready for when the ship hits an iceberg (CON)

*Getting used to the ships rocking and reverting back to your 6 month old self and falling into a deep sleep after been cradled by the ocean (PRO)

*Getting drunk with a bunch of strangers on the first night and saying inapproprate things then spending the rest of the cruise running into things because you are keeping your head down to avoid eye contact with people  (CON)

*Finally nailing that sunset picture after many attempts (PRO)






Then realising your undies are showing (CON)


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