Thoughts every girl has had on a winery tour.


Can we drink on the way to drinking?

Im just going to drink white no mixing.

Im going to drink lots of water, eat properly and pace myself – its a marathon not a sprint and I want to make it out after.


I bet Bec is going to write herself off she cant help herself im not holding her hair back later.

Some Norah Jones playing on the bus would be perfect as we drive through this beautiful part of the country.

Oh wow what a beautiful Cellar door I need to marry a winemaker ASAP.

We so need a group photo in front of those vines before bec gets too drunk.

I dont care about the process of making the wine or hertiage of this place just shut up and pour the wine!


FINALLY! ooh thats good imma have two.

Aww well if im standing here waiting may as well have more.

Even though I said I wasnt going to try red the cute bartender insisted and he looks like he knows his stuff, Whats the harm in one glass?


Back on the bus already! Better get a bottle of red for the ride!

Shit! no cups I guess I will just have to swig out of the bottle.


I wonder if the bus driver has any Redfoo that would be perfect right now Imma go up the front and ask.

The lighting on the bus is on point…. bus selfies!

Local olives , cheese, crackers and some salami isnt lunch what the F##K did I pay $70 for?!?


Imma ask the bus driver if we can stop at a maccas on the way back home sure he will understand.

OMG it’s only 1.15pm and I feel so drunk how did this happen I bet its becs influence!

That wine is so amazing im going to buy four cases.

Shit how am I going to carry these to the bus.

Aww gawd I dont feel good where is bec I need help!



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