Sorry for what?


Last night on The Project Gorgi Coghlan was doing her job of delivering news with her balance of smarts and humour.

Instead of listening to what she was saying Twitter was too busy focusing on what she was wearing and in particular her nipples.

 NEWSFLASH: Women have nipples so do men!

 Today we are seeing it labelled as nipplegate and news outlets making a story out of it.

 So much so that Gorgi issued an apology, saying sorry “if she had offended anyone” and she will ‘wear a turtleneck tomorrow”.

She did say it with a smurk and some sarcasm so settle down Twitter.

  I can agree some people might be uncomfortable but offended?

 These were completely covered nipples, unlike some of the ones I’ve witnessed in a Home and Away beach scene with a Braxton brother.

 This is the annoying double standard that women have to put up with.

 Men can drop into their local cafe shirtless after the beach nipples protruding but mum whips out a boob to feed her child and people awkwardly look away or are outraged.

 So I say #normalisethenipple I can remember growing up with my male cousins and walking around with my shirt off just like them (I was about six no boobies yet)

 And being told I had to put my shirt on because I was a girl.

 Instagram also shares this double standard we seen this with the Free The Nipple Campaign, where girls were sick of having their pictures taken down for showing the same amount of flesh as men.

 From party tape to nipple pasties to ridiculously padded bras there are so many products on the market to give the illusion that women don’t have nipples.

 And god forbid like poor Gorgi if you accidently forget to put a padded wall between your nipples you and people find out you have them or worst still see them.

I’m not encouraging women to bare breasts Im just saying save yourself the pastie pain (have you ever ripped off one of  those babies….. ouch!) and if people point out your pointers simply channel Lady Gaga…

Baby I was born this way.

As you redirect them to your eyeline.


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