The Dogfather


It took over a year for my boyfriend to convince me to get a dog, we were in a rental and I liked the fact we could go or do whatever we want whenever we want without responsibility.

Even though I am not known for being the most responsible person I didn’t want to take this lightly, so we discussed all bases from who would get the dog if we break up – him, to calling real estate to check we can have a dog to discussing how much pet food is a week.

 I was apprehensive when we went to the local dog shelter we spent over an hour with “faith” an American Staffy cross who was found wandering the streets,

So yep someone lost Faith.

I wasn’t feeling it, I had questions swirling around my brain and I thought she’s at least a year old which means she will live for at least 10 more years I don’t know where I will be in 10 years time!

As I said to my boyfriend, “I don’t know about this” she placed her head in my lap and looked up at me with the cutest brown eyes,

So two became three.


As someone who didn’t want a dog it didn’t take me long to become a crazy dog lady – yes she has an Instagram account.

But it wasn’t all cute pictures we moved to a different town and that’s when Jordy (Faith had to go she’s a dog not a country singer) started to show her anxiety.

As a rescue pup she has some abandonment issues and the move triggered them so we had to really work hard with vets and tried many different things to work on this.

Its an ongoing process but we made a commitment.

After everything we have been through with Jordy  I am so attached to her and as stupid as it sounds I want the best for her.

We had a friend come stay with us who fell in love with Jordy and she seemed to love him to.

So that’s when it got me thinking,

I put it to my boyfriend that we need a “Dogfather’ someone who will make the commitment to look after Jordy if anything happens to us (knock on wood)  to keep her happy with cuddles, treats and knows that she likes the beach and wraps her up in a blanket at 8.30pm each night because that’s her bedtime and how she falls asleep comfortably.

Now I know it seems crazy and my boyfriend pointed that out,but I’m not suggesting a ceremony where we involve white dresses and ministers.

Just a plan as to what happens to her and reassurance that she will be looked after, when I seriously asked what would happen to her my boyfriend said she might end up back at the pound and get re homed

The thought made me sad I pictured Jordy alone in a cold cage with all her anxiety issues amplified thinking we abandoned her.

I know this all seems morbid but I seriously think I have a point are “dogfathers” a thing?

Have any pet owners got a back up plan?

Just me?

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