Thoughts every country person has had driving in the city


Better fuel up before I hit the city and go to the toilet because once I’m in the thick of it you cant just turn off the road and on again easily.

I knew I shouldn’t have stopped for that extra whopper burger now I’m going to hit peak hour my worst nightmare is coming true!

Better make sure siri is front and centre and turned up because I can’t do this on my own.

I also better adjust my seat upright and turn down the music this is going to take all my attention.

Oh no I just hit two lanes its starting the chaos begins!

Surely they are not beeping at me I’m doing the speed limit

Fine! I will speed up a bit, settle down we will all get to where we are going!



Seriously maaaate you idiot!

Why are we stopping so much? I better stick my head out the window to see.

Oh we are going,

Wait we are stopping!

Damn it I need to be in the left lane and its bumper to bumper.

Maybe if I just put my blinker on people will notice and let me in.

Damn rude city people so damn selfish let me in!

I hate all of you!

That’s it I’m going!

Damn it that was my exit.

Why are there no U – turn bays!

Why am I going over the bridge I don’t remember doing this last time.

That’s it I’m turning off on to this street to sort out where I am.

Surely that bus will see me in those big mirrors and stop……. OMG!

A one way street with no stopping damn it!

Seriously siri hurry up and redirect!

You have got to be kidding me no data service and I’m in the middle of the city!

Better call my friend to help.

No, I don’t know where that street is all I see is big buildings.

I have no idea where I am that’s why I called you!

I’m sweating, exhausted angry and hungry but I’m here now all I have to do is find a park ….

*3 kilometres away and $70 later

That’s it I’m never doing this again.

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