I have a love hate relationship with summer; I love the warmer weather, fresh fruit and the celebrations that come with this time of year. On the other hand I hate the messages that come in thick and fast, “Join a gym now quick! There is not much time summer is coming.”

In my mind I’m picturing a Game Of thrones bearded man standing on a beach in a bikini looking very serious.

If I read one more tip on how to get the perfect summer body I will scream!

Not eating bread is not a viable option for me!

In the past I have given into the hype and put the pressure on.

I wanted to be one of those girls running around the beach frolicking with her collarbones protruding and a tan flat belly showing off my fashionable hip jewellery but all that happens is I end up joining the gym and working out erratically then going home staring at my body in the mirror scolding it for not being what I want.

This year I won’t put myself through that so I have written and open letter to my body – think of it as a promise and apology in one!


I know you dread this time of year because it’s when you cop a lot of abuse.

You are subjected to comparisons, daily put downs and even at times put through pain in hopes of looking an inch skinnier.

 So this year instead of working against you I will work with you, Instead of trying to ‘whip you into shape for summer” I will try to keep you healthy and happy.

Our relationship in the past has been very rocky and at times totally disconnected.

I know I have made you feel bad about things that are completely out of your control such as scars and even the shape of your hair line – thanks mean girls!

I promise to be more thankful for all that you do for me and allow me to do.

I promise to take responsibility for why you might be feeling sluggish or bigger around the waist line and not to lay the blame unfairly on you.

This year I will steer clear of things that put you down and make you feel bad such as certain magazines and Instagram accounts.

When you are in a position where you don’t feel good enough I will reassure you that you are.

When I look at you I promise to silence your haters and look at you with loving eyes.

I will stop taking out my stress on you by abusing you through my lifestyle choices.

I want to extend the olive branch at this stressful time of year when the pressure is on to be perfect I will be your filter and keep all the harmful hype at bay.

Because whether we like it or not we are in this together.

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