The world seems a bit crazy at the moment and as I read over the news headlines I can help but want it to stop.

Instead of changing my profile picture or using a hashtag I chose yesterday to sit down and reflect on what the hell is happening and I came up with this crazy statement…………………..

I have the solution to all the world’s problems.

Stay with me!

It all starts at birth where a doctor is given a tiny chip to insert into the child’s brain.

This chip is called compassion and throughout this child’s life whenever he or she hears someone’s plight they will greet that person with understanding and feel moved to help in any way they can.

The chip prevents people from being short sighted and inflicting pain on strangers because it releases chemicals in the brain which gives you the ability to see the hindsight and repercussions of your actions and to place yourself in the shoes of the sufferer.

You are probably thinking if we go around helping and feeling sorry for everyone then we won’t have time to get anything done.

The beauty of this is that EVERYONE has the same chip so you are not the one doing ALL the helping and best of all when you are down on your luck someone will be able to feel your pain and ease it.

People may also be thinking well if we tried to help everyone E.G refugees then there will be no room in our country due to overcrowding.


There will be no refugees because the people they are fleeing won’t be inflicting pain because they can feel the full repercussions of human suffering so they put down their weapons and return the favour of those who are helping them.

What I’m describing has you rolling your eyes thinking this girl is a stupid fool who obviously believes in unicorns (that’s for another blog post)

FAIR ENOUGH! but you can’t argue with the ripple effects of compassion when people lack this or prioritise their own agendas over it, this is what leads to the pain and suffering happening in the world right now.

The craziest part of this solution is we don’t need a chip inserted in our brains to have this.

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