Gifts every girl in her late 20’s secretly wants for Christmas

young woman grabing huge gift isolated on white

When you are in your early twenties Christmas time is when you get to get others to treat yo self and lavish you with frivolous gifts jewelry, Car seat covers , Supre vouchers and novelty wine glasses were all acceptable gifts.

But as you hit the late twenties Christmas time is a time to take stock of what you need and hope those around you zone in on it practicality is the key!

SO here is a list of those secret (practical) pleasures we hope turn up under the tree at Christmas time.



I’m sick of candles getting a bad wrap at Christmas “Its the gift you get someone when you don’t know what to get” CORRECTION: That would be Colourful photo frames that clearly don’t go with your house!

Candles when done right can be the best so skip the cheapo Reject Shop “Sandlewood” types and shell out the extra few bucks so we don’t have to fake it on Chrissy morning.

‘Cause no one wants that do we boys! 



In our early twenties the key to a make out sesh was to bump n grind but luckily the dating world has caught on to what women really want………… to Netflix and Chill so one of these babies in our christmas stockings could be the way to get us to remove them!



More like Kmart home hell yeahs!

Perfect for people on a budget and if they are unsure of what to get you the answer to that is anything or even better everything!



 Somewhere around your mid twenties you went along to a work collegues lame plastic tub party had a couple of wines listened to the sales presentation and from that day forward it was the only acceptable way to store your salads

Looking through the catalog has become your form of woman porn!



Low maintenance, only needs to be watered occasionally, grows at the right rate and looks amazing if only our hair behaved this way ladies am I right!



When you were in your early twenties dinner parties at your place consisted of heating up pizza and serving it on plastic plates (no washing up) before you went to da club now its a whole production and unspoken competition you have among your friends so to get the right dinner set under the tree could just be what gives you the edge to win!



Bottled, Boxed or Blended you will take it how it comes great for those who want to give the gift of practicality because no drop will go to waste and it may just be your Christmas savor for getting through the family Christmas!

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