*Picture may not be an accurate depiction of me at the beach  

For the last three weeks I have completely forgotten about my adulthood and made every day a throwback Thursday to my teenage years.

For the first time in a long time I had THREE weeks off and instead of planning a trip away I basically went home and Netflixed and chilled (OMG How to make a murderer!) caught up with friends and family, went to the beach and ate.

They say if you do anything more than 21 times it becomes a habit and unfortunately for me my holiday lasted 22 days.

That’s 22 days of going to bed late, sleeping in, drinking alcohol on a week day, eating what I want when I want and not brushing my hair.

So as I head back to work I’m scared, My body clock is all out my pants are tight and I don’t know how I’m going to go using my brain for anything other than trying to debate Stephen Avery’s innocence online.

I’m thinking I might ease my way back in by seeing if I can get away with wearing a caftan to work and purchasing some of those glasses with the fake eyes so I can keep my body clock happy with the naps it’s been taking whenever the heck it wants.

When you don’t have anywhere to go anything to get dressed for or any responsibilities past remembering where you were up to on the episode while you get a drink and go to the toilet then life seems to just fly by leaving your old self the girl who had things to do and responsibilities behind.

So as I head back to work I legit am worried that I have grown so accustomed to my holiday lifestyle that I will walk in see my 2345 emails waiting throw my hands up and go down the pub for a spritzer and follow it up with a nap.

We will just see how it goes hopefully the holi-daze will lift after a few days and I will remember that responsible on time adult I once was (LOL) and if all else fails I have these:


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