Seagull mystery SOLVED!


If Chris Harrigan was on The Graham Norton Show nobody be chair tippin’ this dudes story because its EPIC and much like Making a Murder it satisfies us in the moment only to leave us confused and wanting more at the end.
Let’s take a look deeper into this guy’s story because everyone wants the truth even if we can’t handle it!
I’m no Nancy Drew but I have the internet so basically that’s all you need to qualify as an expert these days.
FIRSTLY let’s look at the source CHRIS HARRIGAN.

BOOM off to an interesting start after Google searching this so called Chris Harrigan the first thing that pops up is THE SMITH JOURNAL and shows him as a contributor

so dude knows how to write a story hmmm……..

As I dug (clicked) a little deeper the only article is a review of some weird movie FRANK.
Did he even watch the movie before reviewing it we will never know but the review sounds legit.

(but so does the seagull story.)

According to his Facebook page he lives in Melbourne which is 48 minutes away from Frankston so geographically his story checks out because he is likely to have known someone who knows someone who may have been on that train.


The unidentified friend is not gender specific – AT THE START- but then later in the story he says :

And while she was waiting for the train to come, she noticed a man sittin.

According to the reputable Daily mail women have better memory recall than men making her a more reliable source if we are basing this around gender.

Let’s take a look at this in real time.

Let’s say those fish and chips have been carried from a nearby take away and cooked fresh.

It seems when SHE started observing SEAGULL DUDE he had already sat down and let them air which means that between all that it probably would’ve only taken a couple of minutes to let them cool down.
Let’s stay on this point for a sec SHE makes reference to him not eating the Fish and Chips which could prove this was premeditated rather than opportunistic.
It seems that SHE was there observing SEAGULL DUDE for a while as SHE had enough time to see the slow build of his plan :

He’d toss one a foot or so away from him. It was like he was beckoning them to come closer.

Keep in mind she is waiting for a train it’s impossible to tell from the story what train she was waiting for but let’s say it was the Melbourne line – where let’s say CHRIS HARRIGAN was waiting to pick her up, where she was retell the epic story to him.

According to the Frankston timetable give or take the wait for the Melbourne line depending on the time is around 10 minutes giving her enough time to witness this unfold.


Right before the doors closed, the man threw the entire bag of the fish and chips into the train. The entire flock of seagulls followed the bag. And the doors closed. Inside the train: pandemonium.
The next train stop was five minutes away.


This next bit depends on a number of factors lining up which is that SEAGULL DUDE was sitting very close to the train doors to throw the fish and chips whilst still sitting down.

On this point that means he would’ve been in the way of people getting on and off the train and also take into account MIND THE GAP!
Secondly the timing of when the doors closed SHE makes reference to: 15 or 20 birds and says the entire flock makes it inside the train before closing its doors

I find this hard to believe.

Fingers crossed there were no birds hurt.

Based on all this my findings are :


*this applies to those reading this



  1. It’s true, but not recent. I grew up in Frankston, and my friend Tyson told me about doing this about five years ago. He’s a punk dude who moved to Footscray a couple of years back. I’m not the only one of his friends who remembers him telling this story, so yeah…


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