I read the other day that the quarter life crisis age (yes that’s a thing) has been shifted to happen now around twenty eight, so if that’s correct I have so much to look forward to this year!
Let’s be honest your late twenties can be a tough gig.
You finally get past the awkwardness of your teenage years and the craziness of your early twenties and things start to look up, you find the right foundation to match your complexion, manage to keep a house plant alive….(cactuses count right?!) and if you are lucky commit to a puppy.
Just as you start to get a bit comfortable the looming deadline of your thirties starts to hang over you just like those deadlines you stayed awake all night to meet at uni.
You start procrastinating and hoping you will get an extension to get everything you wanted to get done in your twenties done: find a stable relationship, have a fulfilling  career, get together a deposit on a house, travel , learn a language , learn to cook and the list goes on…………..
Your Facebook feed suddenly becomes and endless cycle of announcements babies, engagements, house purchases and promotions all making you miss the stupid updates on Myspace from your emo friends……. What you would give to go back to a simpler time!
Life seems to be fast forwarded for everyone but you.
All of a sudden people are throwing around scary terms like adult and referring to you! When did you become the adult!?
Can we press pause and start this again I wasn’t ready!
While others are living in their grown up houses which they got in an affordable house and land package you are emptying your change jar to get a bottle of red to go with your Noodle Box.
When you were in your early twenties it was funny even encouraged to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on quitting your job , spending your savings or even having shots but in your late twenties your are told even scolded to think everything through thoroughly.
I need that crappy job I have a phone plan to pay and health insurance, I need those saving and I can’t deal with a hangover I have a full work week!
But true to form and not ready for thirty you chance it all by still having nights out, eating from a takeaway containers, only brushing your hair every second day and maxing out your credit card.
But hey you still have two years before thirty to somehow get it all together and learn to adult.


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