It’s the end of an era after 46 years in print Dolly is over or as us Dolly girls would say Ov-ah!

I am so sad for girls who won’t know the appreciation of “Dolly day” at school where you and your friends poured over every word and circled your dream outfit which funnily enough has all come back in fashion minus the body glitter and thick soled Sketchers.

We didn’t need sex education we had “Dolly Doctor” I remember ripping open the sealed section with the same anticipation I now use to rip open my online shopping arrivals.

I remember laughing at the “naughtiness” of it all but secretly being intrigued and sometimes even glad I had read something I wanted to know but would never had asked my parents about.

Dolly was my friend I took her everywhere with me she helped bond my friendships, form my first “crushes” like Joshua Jackson and Beau Brady and it was also gave me a glimpse into other girls around Australia and what they were thinking and feeling.


Dolly is responsible for my first vision board which was way before Oprah coined the term. I would spend hours picking, cutting and pasting together collages for my school books. I took such pride in picking the images that best represented me it helped give me a sense of identity.

Many sleepovers were spent joyously reading aloud each of our horoscopes and wondering how they knew exactly what was going on in our lives.

I know that Dolly is staying online and call me old school but I still think there is something special about cutting, pasting and flicking a page amongst friends, screen time to me is so fickle it demands less attention and provides more distraction, a better offer is just a tab away.

I am well past the reading age of Dolly but it still didn’t stop all the nostalgia from kicking in, As soon as I heard this news I was taken right back to the freckly red headed girl who once read that freckles were in so she felt better about herself and I was also taken back to a place where I would blast my Hanson CD and stare at a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince JR and think how perfect they are for each other.


Like I mentioned before it really is the end of an era and like Dolly it’s time for us all to embrace the new online Dolly and all I can say is thanks for the memories and thank god Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince are still going strong the only difference is now when I stare at a picture of them  I am stalking their Instagram feeds and for the record I still think they are perfect for each other .


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