About Me

 I am in crisis mode I am staring down the barrel of THIRTY!

On paper it looks okay for me, I have a great job in Radio a supportive long term partner and two precious rescue pups but on the inside I am SO not prepared while a lot of my friends are having babies and buying houses, my idea of a big purchase is extra avo on my Sub, I only learnt LAST week Morocco is apart of Africa, I haven’t mastered not talking with my mouth full and I still have no idea what the fuck GST is!

The only thing I own worth insuring is my dogs so thats the only insurance I have, I never cook and last week I wore swimmer bottoms because I didn’t have any clean undies. So thats where I am at I have been internalising  my freak out but I have now decided to share my freak out thoughts on this blog.

So in the words of a 70’s disco song its time to FREAK OUT!





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  1. Thanks for following WordBowlbyMsCharlieS.com (hope to see a word from you…) and thanks for introducing me to your world here! When you do figure out the ideal chip-to-dip ratio, will you let all of us know???? Please???


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