Janet from The Real Housewives of Melbourne

I am LOVING the Real Housewives of Melbourne so I was pretty excited to chat with Janet from the show. We chatted for over 20 minutes and as much as I wanted to cancel half an hour of the show and dedicate it to our chat with Janet the boss wouldnt allow it! (obvi not […]

Chat with Cat from Big Brother

Yesterday I posted our chat with love rat Lawson (that flows a little to well)  TODAY We got the other side of the triangle when we chatted to Cat Ooooooh……. I bailed her up about what she would say to Candice (lawsons girlfriend) If she has seen Lawson outside of the house yet and I […]

Chat with Lawson from Big Brother

Its Australia’s most talked about love triangle since Tim Tams come between me and my boyfriend. (we worked it out) So this morning on the show we chatted to Big Brother evictee about the stuff errybody is demanding answers for: Has he spoken to Candice (his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend)? What does his family think? Has he cried […]

Signs you are more than ready for Sex and the City 3

You are reading this from your local cinema because you predicted this day would come and you didn’t want to miss out on being front and centre. You ceased all communication with that so called friend who suggested another film wasn’t needed. (It’s for the best) Even though you updated your phone you haven’t updated […]

Woman wears a pretty dress and marries an actor!

Oh and BTW that woman happens to be a very successful lawyer, activist and author FYI She also has provided advice to governments on matters related to international law and is an appointed member of a variety of United Nations commissions And if you are interested she is Fluent in Arabic, English and French BUT […]