Gifts every girl in her late 20’s secretly wants for Christmas

When you are in your early twenties Christmas time is when you get to get others to treat yo self and lavish you with frivolous gifts jewelry, Car seat covers , Supre vouchers and novelty wine glasses were all acceptable gifts. But as you hit the late twenties Christmas time is a time to take […]

Sorry for what?

Last night on The Project Gorgi Coghlan was doing her job of delivering news with her balance of smarts and humour. Instead of listening to what she was saying Twitter was too busy focusing on what she was wearing and in particular her nipples.  NEWSFLASH: Women have nipples so do men!  Today we are seeing […]

Woman wears a pretty dress and marries an actor!

Oh and BTW that woman happens to be a very successful lawyer, activist and author FYI She also has provided advice to governments on matters related to international law and is an appointed member of a variety of United Nations commissions And if you are interested she is Fluent in Arabic, English and French BUT […]